CDC Coronavirus Recommended Precautions:


1. Wash your hands frequently.

2. Do not touch your face.

3. Use hand sanitizer.

4. Wear protective gloves

5. Disinfectant your work and home areas with Lysol, Clorox, or Bleach.

6. Do not frequent crowded venues.

7. If you do not feel well, contact your supervisor and stay home.

Here is the CDC Coronavirus Advisory:

Employers are advised to “actively encourage” sick employees to stay home. Specifically, the Guidance states that “employees who have symptoms of acute respiratory illness are recommended to stay home and not come to work until they are free of fever (100.4° F [37.8° C] or greater using an oral thermometer, signs of a fever, and any other symptoms for at least 24 hours, without the use of fever-reducing or other symptom-altering medicines (e.g. cough suppressants).”  The Guidance also recommends that employers speak with any third party companies that provide contract or temporary employees about the importance of sick employees staying home.

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